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Comment by Andrew on 8445355399
Thursday, 17 Jan 2019 @ 11:26am
Called and blocked on cell phone again today 13 more times in a row, but called my house line first and didn't leave a message.
Comment by Laurel on 01685634002
Thursday, 17 Jan 2019 @ 06:34am
This number calls several times a day. I am unable to speak due to medical reasons and this is very stressful.
Comment by Andrew on 8445355399
Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019 @ 18:19pm
Received a call from this number. Somehow managed to get both my home and cell number calling them back to back. Blocked them on my cell number and they then proceeded to call and be blocked by my cell number 13 more times, but left a voice mail on my house line announced my first name, middle initial and they got my last name wrong. Did not announce who she was or who she represents. Gave hours to call back and then hung up before completing voice message.
Comment by Waldo on 6048939877
Sunday, 13 Jan 2019 @ 13:25pm
Don't understand why but they called and when you try and return. The call it just beeps a few times and says user busy on my phone. Weird.
Comment by IYZ on 6364315854
Sunday, 13 Jan 2019 @ 12:41pm
Research company conducting survey for Enterprise. I rented a car from Enterprise 2 days ago. Best I can tell this call was legit.
Comment by Martin on 08000833119
Friday, 11 Jan 2019 @ 06:14am
They are scammers - supposedly Talk Talk business credit department.
If only I had an account with them - LOL
Comment by samantha on 27301000
Thursday, 10 Jan 2019 @ 23:57pm
Who is the owner of this number?
Comment by NotToday on 2819685894
Wednesday, 9 Jan 2019 @ 08:54am
Comment by rkss on 7443832990
Saturday, 5 Jan 2019 @ 02:32am
missed call twice
Comment by nik on 7132447008
Thursday, 3 Jan 2019 @ 09:20am
Called 4xs in row, I never answered. Didn't leave a message, but very persistent.
Comment by Mesa on 8821622776381
Thursday, 3 Jan 2019 @ 07:23am
receiving multiple calls lately from 882162277**** numbers, all ring 1-2 then, they leave no Voicemail, and the few i tried answering will be dead air then disconnect.
Comment by Mesa on 8821622778318
Wednesday, 2 Jan 2019 @ 07:54am
Received multiple ring once calls from this number. no voicemail left.
Comment by Mesa on 355673272072
Wednesday, 2 Jan 2019 @ 07:51am
received a call but did not answer, no voicemail left. phone ID shows Albania.
Comment by Steve on 2164961267
Tuesday, 25 Dec 2018 @ 22:19pm
Oscar did you find out who this is ?
Comment by jeeva on 0183897171
Sunday, 23 Dec 2018 @ 19:04pm
received a missed call from this number.
i just give a message but no reply.
Comment by Lin on 0102567076
Sunday, 16 Dec 2018 @ 22:46pm
An agent from Maybank?
Comment by Maria on 5733633215
Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018 @ 07:09am
saving on auto insurance
Comment by Jared on 3142072527
Wednesday, 5 Dec 2018 @ 08:07am
I receive calls to my office line multiple times every week from this number. It is obnoxious. When I answer there is no sound and when I call back it goes straight to an automated voicemail.
Comment by Douglas Mackay on 6082863785
Tuesday, 4 Dec 2018 @ 14:00pm
Annoying robocalls, etc. from this number two-four times a day!
Don't answer - sent message to STOP this number.
Comment by SpamHater on 3019005472
Tuesday, 4 Dec 2018 @ 07:45am
Calls repeatedly and then texts. Occasionally leaves a message to call a toll-free number regarding info on real estate that I have supposedly requested.
Comment by Anon on 02034767192
Thursday, 29 Nov 2018 @ 06:43am
Sales Team from Commuter Club
I have actually signed up for their services yet the Sales team keep calling asking if I want to buy a discounted ticket.
They say they will take me off their list but I still get calls daily.
Comment by Steven Jones on 2532461310
Wednesday, 28 Nov 2018 @ 21:57pm
Calls asking for husbands name and hangs up
Comment by Cynthia lewis wants u on 5626452561
Friday, 23 Nov 2018 @ 09:30am
Jaja good luck u untrustworthy backstabbing thief
Comment by Amy on 0104495486
Thursday, 22 Nov 2018 @ 23:40pm
Also got phonecall with this number, when answer the phone then they hang up the phone..
Comment by B on 686451384
Tuesday, 20 Nov 2018 @ 00:06am
Called me at 1:00 am said my name and hung up after I responded
Comment by Sheila on 8442026925
Thursday, 15 Nov 2018 @ 09:25am
I'm guessing it's some asian porn or mail order bride crap or picked up off some website that has something to do with asians of some kind. there was a similar number left on my boyfriends voicemail. that's what happens when the jerks are on those sites, don't let them lie to you about it. the message left was not in english whatsoever
Comment by Melissa on 3232726006
Tuesday, 13 Nov 2018 @ 11:45am
This is someone that called our office to do a verification of employment on a previous employee.
Comment by Sp on 686451384
Monday, 12 Nov 2018 @ 05:46am
Call me at 5:45 am then asked by my name then hung up
Comment by VA on 01224063080
Thursday, 8 Nov 2018 @ 07:39am
4 calls in one day no one speaks. I called them back from work phone and it was a number not in service???? They have now been blocked.
Comment by Unknown on 0192148468
Friday, 2 Nov 2018 @ 02:01am
Received SMS from this number. Said that they are from AMbank. As I know I do not have any problem or account bank with them. Told me that I have overdues with them. And they will come to my office or house. Then I knew they're scammers.
Comment by Cristi on 3665487353
Thursday, 1 Nov 2018 @ 14:45pm
Comment by Jim on 0212028073
Wednesday, 31 Oct 2018 @ 06:52am
This number called my mobile in Scotland
Comment by Shirley on 3374224287
Saturday, 27 Oct 2018 @ 09:34am
Called and hung up
Comment by Angel on 3374224287
Saturday, 27 Oct 2018 @ 08:05am
Calls often
Comment by kenny on 02033711403
Wednesday, 17 Oct 2018 @ 13:30pm
anybody know where they are located should please leave a message or call me on 07492646463. they defrauded me after I paid online a flight ticket. they then stopped picking my calls after I have paid. thanks
Comment by kenny on 02033711403
Wednesday, 17 Oct 2018 @ 13:27pm
I bought a flight ticket from them ever since I paid they stopped picking my calls and the number is still active
Comment by Ash on 07825869789
Tuesday, 16 Oct 2018 @ 08:30am
This number is for an enforcement agent for Jacobs
Comment by Swee Lan on 0374993704
Monday, 15 Oct 2018 @ 21:29pm
use other no 0103660551 asking about terminate takaful. after reject the calling. the person call using this no 0374993704 but i didn't pick up. and i use other no to call back and heard the same voice pick up the phone.
Comment by Matt on 9499398825
Friday, 12 Oct 2018 @ 11:38am
This is a nice person's cell phone.
Comment by Jsmith on 7147021340
Monday, 8 Oct 2018 @ 23:42pm
Car dealer looking sell your car for you.
Comment by TJ on 8768583490
Monday, 8 Oct 2018 @ 09:07am
A man said that I won a sweepstakes. I replied: "lose my number". He said fu** you, and hung up!
Comment by Mac on 08438702311
Monday, 8 Oct 2018 @ 03:57am
Do not under any circumstances call an 0843 number after a 'missed' call. The call will charge you for as long as you are on the phone and your mobile provider does not care or have the tools to deal with them. We need an app that blocks anyone with a 0843 or any of the others. The problem at the moment is that once you block a whole number, they try again a few days later with a different number but the same 0843 prefix..
Comment by Anand on 022715888888
Sunday, 7 Oct 2018 @ 00:51am
whose number is this??
Comment by RRF on 6193450395
Tuesday, 2 Oct 2018 @ 15:45pm
He texted for the V.I.N. on an automobile. he wanted to know it's condition and if it was for sale ,called his self Steve,,the idiot doesn't know how to text ?? Must be speaking broken English into his cell phone.
Comment by matchat3a on 029827203
Sunday, 23 Sep 2018 @ 03:19am
Called numerous times. Frustrating
Comment by Kim on 2629771572
Thursday, 20 Sep 2018 @ 13:48pm
Creepy stalker.
Comment by John on 5037542179
Tuesday, 18 Sep 2018 @ 16:06pm
Did not answer, they did not leave a message.
Comment by Cardiff Lady on 05511486278
Saturday, 15 Sep 2018 @ 06:00am
This number is a premium number from Santander. If you call it, you will be charged, but they will immediately return your call.
Comment by Lisa on 9123087800
Wednesday, 12 Sep 2018 @ 11:16am
Calls often. Won't talk. No message. No text back.
Comment by Pao on 0894917121
Thursday, 6 Sep 2018 @ 10:43am
Comment by Bryan on 0018017019600
Wednesday, 5 Sep 2018 @ 08:54am
Got a call today, asking for website security...
Comment by Anon on 07944862710
Tuesday, 14 Aug 2018 @ 14:13pm
Sends texts pretending to be someone you known don't get hooked into a dialogue with them. This number has been reported across several websites like this one..and for good reason!
Comment by Dee on 07422528897
Thursday, 9 Aug 2018 @ 05:31am
Is this number a scam or anything bad does anyone know?
Comment by sebastien mcardle on 19005243030
Tuesday, 7 Aug 2018 @ 23:09pm
dont answer .that bullc*it. those thief . there say to recall her. after there put you in wait for long time and charging you 2.99
Comment by Pierre on 2494922664
Tuesday, 7 Aug 2018 @ 11:30am
Does not answer ever. Suspicious
Comment by Tom on 562394170
Tuesday, 7 Aug 2018 @ 08:48am
This was a call from my cell phone company, Sprint. I wondered how the call was completed with only 9 numbers 563-394-170. They left a voice mail identifying themselves, so I know who it is.
Comment by Fatin on 0327110657
Monday, 6 Aug 2018 @ 03:42am
It call from public bank from hire purchas department..Scammers ?
Comment by Not needed on 3055017780
Friday, 3 Aug 2018 @ 08:01am
Continuous heavy breathing!!
Comment by Alina on 6479732310
Thursday, 2 Aug 2018 @ 15:36pm
Numerous, unwanted calls from this number.
Comment by Harry on 01255444508
Thursday, 2 Aug 2018 @ 10:36am
Cannot call them back. Number permanently busy