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Comment by Jeff on 01612499182
Monday, 19 Mar 2018 @ 11:13am
Energy broker trying to sell busi ess energy packages, although they are keen to hide that bit until you're talking!
Comment by Carol on 0819152199
Monday, 19 Mar 2018 @ 05:31am
got a call from this number, when i answer it just get put down in my ear,,,they dont talk, and it happens everytime when they phone, so i tried phoning back but each time i phone, there just a message saying 'the number you have dialled is currently busy' so who are you???
Comment by K Houssels on 7025760258
Friday, 16 Mar 2018 @ 15:42pm
Keeps calling, won't leave a VM...
Comment by Cin on 01582471480
Friday, 16 Mar 2018 @ 12:48pm
Unknown/Unwanted/Unsolicited sales call for kitchens. Blocked the (new) number - they change their number and keep calling every few months - wanting to sell me a kitchen (voice message) - this has been going on for over 4 years. Not looking for a kitchen and have no idea who they are. Nothing on the internet.
Comment by Jose on 663379731
Thursday, 15 Mar 2018 @ 16:13pm
Whitelist, this is a true number. is the owner.
Comment by B on 8724841614
Thursday, 15 Mar 2018 @ 14:44pm
He called a few times in December 2017 and has started calling again now in March 2018. December notes: He said that his name was Cru. He is with a telephone company wanting to do on hold messages. He was a jerk! Politely told him we didn't have an interest in this right now. He talked over me the entire time. Then he said...I'm not asking for your social security or your first born!. I asked him to remove us from list and said he would call back in a few minutes...... Does he really think he is going to gain business with an attitude like that? March notes: I asked him what services he was trying to provide and he was being rude so I hung up on him. He called back and told me that I disconnected him and that he wouldn't tell me the services because he "wouldn't waste his breath" talking to me.
Comment by Jane on 01937222020
Thursday, 15 Mar 2018 @ 04:52am
missed call from this number
Comment by Anonmous on 2027324242
Wednesday, 14 Mar 2018 @ 17:34pm
f**king scammer
Comment by Brittany on 8447267399
Wednesday, 14 Mar 2018 @ 15:43pm
Fraud number
Comment by Mark Moss on 09115061725
Wednesday, 14 Mar 2018 @ 09:48am
I rang this number 09115061725 and I can't remember making the call or who I spoke to who does the number belong to?
Comment by Caran on 02031290697
Wednesday, 14 Mar 2018 @ 07:23am
I don't want you call me okay
Comment by Baby on 02031290697
Wednesday, 14 Mar 2018 @ 07:22am
Don't think I should answer the call kmt every day you keep calling my finger phone
Comment by Us on 6307200095
Tuesday, 13 Mar 2018 @ 13:57pm
Watch out, "Dave Anderson" has now changed his name to "Jeremy Taylor" but calling from the same cell phone number: 630-720-0095
Asked for the owner of the company, when I asked what company he was with... he hung up. SCAM!
Comment by val on 7162438288
Monday, 12 Mar 2018 @ 13:05pm
call me back sorry my vm was full
Comment by bill on 7162438288
Monday, 12 Mar 2018 @ 13:04pm
Music playing for 3 minutes - never any speaking
Comment by CAnn on 5134017511
Monday, 12 Mar 2018 @ 06:50am
Called me before 8AM did not answer.
Comment by Newton on 5627580716
Monday, 12 Mar 2018 @ 06:37am
2 birds 1 shot. Long story short, a @carriewood05 Twitter account by supposedly Carrie Underwood the singer have been interacting with me via messaging. To me that was kind of odd. So, yesterday Sunday, March 11, 2018 this account send me a message offering me that 562-758-0716 and asked me text her my name and last name when I send my messages. Hum... so, she lives in TN but gives a California number? Thats when I came across this page to report numbers.
Comment by Spaz on 6017183192
Saturday, 10 Mar 2018 @ 11:24am
Please make it stop calling me!!
Comment by Ben Zyl on 01383325775
Friday, 9 Mar 2018 @ 07:20am
It would appear that some variant on the Dyson scam is back - https/
Comment by annie on 8556878444
Thursday, 8 Mar 2018 @ 16:08pm
They claim to be microsoft company. they do speak with a heavy foreign accent
Comment by Answering Machine on 5713424091
Thursday, 8 Mar 2018 @ 11:57am
they called my DO-NOT-CALL number, got the answering machine, and left no message. I do not call back.
Comment by Mark on 5852675941
Thursday, 8 Mar 2018 @ 08:09am
He is a Anderson Renewal window sales Rep. Was rude, hung up on him
Comment by Mgn on 5168304124
Wednesday, 7 Mar 2018 @ 13:14pm
This is a scam call pretending to be a religious organization.
Comment by Bart on 4125232124
Wednesday, 7 Mar 2018 @ 10:01am
I have received thousands of calls from 412-523-2124 they are computer repair scam typically claiming to be Microsoft and that we have a virus that needs to be taken care phone will be disconnected from the Internet. A total scam and nothing is done about it.
Comment by Sue on 8454789835
Tuesday, 6 Mar 2018 @ 14:00pm
I just got this # calling 8 times in a row!!!!
Comment by So on 3612392965
Monday, 5 Mar 2018 @ 14:03pm
Monday, 5 March 2018 @3:32
I get call constantly, leave no message.
Comment by Kay on 7177102230
Monday, 5 Mar 2018 @ 13:45pm
This number keeps calling me!!
Have NO idea who number this is
Comment by David Hesse on 8668388960
Friday, 2 Mar 2018 @ 15:29pm
It as a survey about OCD in bearded men with ponytails
Comment by Peter on 7862337008
Friday, 2 Mar 2018 @ 07:43am
SPAM CALLER - An automated message asking to confirm our listing details. They say that they called numerous times and need to act quickly to ensure the listing is maintained.
Comment by Mike on 5594907633
Thursday, 1 Mar 2018 @ 14:43pm
This number keeps calling me & are very aggressive even though I have told them that I am not interested & hang up. I block the number they call on, then they call from a different number......go figure
Comment by paul on 09068788333
Thursday, 1 Mar 2018 @ 08:55am
Rang twice in February. Cost me £1.77 who are they. Cannot find on google
Comment by Kingston on 9416660362
Tuesday, 27 Feb 2018 @ 05:42am
Saw and the first thing I noticed was she was foaming st the mouth Got myself right out of there pretty damn quickly
Comment by Bob on 08715278512
Thursday, 22 Feb 2018 @ 14:56pm
I have stayed at the place several times and called it many times. It is the Premier Inn, Helston.

Of course, people receiving strange calls from it may be getting spam calls spoofing the number.

Hope this helps.
Comment by Jayla on 2164307716
Thursday, 22 Feb 2018 @ 07:27am
Answered said his name was Joe and we are being recorded told him he had the wrong number he hung up
Comment by Mindi on 7722064696
Thursday, 22 Feb 2018 @ 06:25am
I answered, said hello several times, they hung up
Comment by Switchboard on 8888752645
Wednesday, 21 Feb 2018 @ 07:51am
Called and asked for someone not even related to the department they wanted. Obviously got a name off of a list. Said they were Experian. Held for maybe about 3 minutes until they finally hung up.
Comment by jenny on 2134771084
Wednesday, 21 Feb 2018 @ 04:22am
strange faxes
Comment by Sara on 9312644028
Tuesday, 20 Feb 2018 @ 11:13am
Called at 11:51 AM on 2/20/18. Said they were with Vehicle Warranty Registration and Renewal. Hung up when I said I was going to check out their credentials.
Comment by not interested.. on 8328788767
Tuesday, 20 Feb 2018 @ 08:55am
Freaking Ba*tards called and don't leave a voice mail, block this number, scammers. A serious legit company will leave a message, not this scammers looking to steal information.
Comment by Marisa Doran on 7043127275
Monday, 19 Feb 2018 @ 12:19pm
Today I recieved a text from this number which read as follows, "I have great Information Marisa, May I call during lunch break? Let's Schedule a time to review later on unless you've free time to call back now?" Cannot find any info on this number, can anyone help?
Comment by paul jones on 8889827069
Monday, 19 Feb 2018 @ 10:38am
whi is this herk
Comment by Debbie on 9319584483
Monday, 19 Feb 2018 @ 10:13am
This number calls our cell phone and when we answer it goes dead. We call back and recording says this is a non working number so how can a non working number call us.
Comment by ken c. on 8801613468
Monday, 19 Feb 2018 @ 08:47am
The person that calls says that there is a problem with your computer system. They say someone is trying hack in your system and they are from Dell. When they call no name shows up on the caller Id. As a Dell Lic. Technician I know how Dell's phone numbers show up on the caller ID. These Idiots are trying scam people out of money. This problem has been going for about two years with my phone number and it need to stop now !
Comment by Nader on 047049555
Saturday, 17 Feb 2018 @ 01:17am
I wanted to know what is that number 047049555
Comment by Tim on 7162438288
Thursday, 15 Feb 2018 @ 17:35pm
I talked to Sally and i dont want to give out all of my personal issues but they called my brother to try to reach me and im glad they did or i never would have known
Comment by Sharon on 02565623232
Wednesday, 14 Feb 2018 @ 22:26pm
when I dialed it back it says ,' the number you have called is not connected!'
So how did they call me?
Comment by Johnny on 2034482290
Wednesday, 14 Feb 2018 @ 08:32am
Yeah they called with a garbled message threatening having me taken into "custody" Bwaaaaahaaaaaa LMFNO yeah RIGHT! Even IF it were for a DEBT, you cant be DETAINED!!!!!! Hahahahahahahaa BOZO'S
Comment by Quick Brown Fox on 9252989216
Tuesday, 13 Feb 2018 @ 14:03pm
Another unwanted call from this Lafayette number arrived today, less than 1 week after its last unwanted call on Feb. 9. When the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence -- a sure sign of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public. Predators like these are why you should LET YOUR ANSWERING MACHINE TAKE THEIR PATHETIC CALLS!
Comment by Annie on 8059475385
Monday, 12 Feb 2018 @ 15:33pm
Hangs up on me. Call logs in from Ventura, CA. I redialed and received a 'not in service' message. I waited and I dialed the numbers myself and I received same message. What is this or who is this? And why do I get a not in service message?
Comment by P on 3038685371
Monday, 12 Feb 2018 @ 12:44pm
Just don't answer
No one is going to stop their calls .
Comment by Danny Taggart on 6173406616
Friday, 9 Feb 2018 @ 13:15pm
I believe these people are trying to scam my mother. They continue to harass her with calls attempting to get her credit card information over the phone.
Comment by Shawn on 7177818200
Friday, 9 Feb 2018 @ 11:15am
This number has called me twice today within 3 hours between each of their calls I didn't answer because I don't answer calls from numbers I don't know but I never received a voicemail or a text message from this caller so more than likely it's a caller I'd rather not talk to the phone number is, (717)781-8200
Comment by Quick Brown Fox on 9252989216
Friday, 9 Feb 2018 @ 11:05am
An unwanted call from this Lafayette Ca number arrived today. When the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence. This is the calling card of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public. Predators like these are why you should LET YOUR ANSWERING MACHINE TAKE THEIR PATHETIC CALLS.
Comment by 2394172829 on 2394172829
Friday, 9 Feb 2018 @ 05:58am
Hi. I have this phone number, and the last time i made a phonecall in February was when i made a phonecall to a school. Could you please say if a message was left?

This number has NOT been active since 1969. It'd be sometime during 2003.
Comment by Robert on 6463592421
Thursday, 8 Feb 2018 @ 21:47pm
Super scammer! Aggressive Amway cheater and alleged 'recruiter', actually he is a time waster & CHEATER! alleged 'Rich Dad & poor dad' and 'financial freedom'. Holy 'sheet'! 646-359-2421
Comment by Nancy on 8447636320
Thursday, 8 Feb 2018 @ 07:25am
Per voicemail left: Aerocare requesting a CPAP supply order.
Comment by Craig on 01158386883
Wednesday, 7 Feb 2018 @ 23:34pm
They called me at 01:50 I never answered being that time of the morning. Anybody can tell me who it is that would be great.
Comment by Student on 01785353649
Wednesday, 7 Feb 2018 @ 10:06am
This is Staffordshire University
Comment by Jay on 0236968998
Tuesday, 6 Feb 2018 @ 09:27am
When I pick up and answer receiver is put downi
Comment by Julie on 5092602079
Tuesday, 6 Feb 2018 @ 09:06am
Keeps calling, left messagesinging gospel song, sounds impaired